CCTV+: Between mountains and rivers

BEIJING, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lushan Mountain is perhaps the most favored one by the Chinese literati. In history, more than 3000 famous men of letters climbed Lushan, leaving tens of thousands of poems. Each of those works adds a different charm to this mountain. For different people, Lushan seems also different.

In 726 A.D., poet Li Bai, then 26 years old, climbed Lushan for the first time. In his eyes, Lushan was majestic, beautiful and romantic. In 750 A.D., 24 years later, Li Bai climbed Lushan once again. He wrote in one of his most well-known poems that “Forty-nine years have passed and never come back again. Wild feelings turn natural and unrestrained, despite dramatic changes in the world.” At this moment, the misty sea of clouds and forests in Lushan made him unafraid of old age and unchained from the secular world. In 760 A.D., Li Bai visited Lushan for the fifth and also the last time. Lushan is a safe harbor, a healing spot, and a place of belonging. No matter in winter or summer, no matter how far or near, you can always find your own spiritual home in Lushan.

In Jiangxi captivating mountains and waters like Lushan are numerous,such as the towering Wugong Mountain, the steep Sanqing Mountain, and the Lingshan Mountain showing thousands of styles. More than 3,000 streams and five main rivers flow together into Poyang Lake, making Jiangxi a home of life where fishes dive, birds fly, and fishermen sing. The sea of clouds and morning glow, rainbows and green hills, and spring and stone forests have been on this land along with human spirits for thousands of years through the circle of life.

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